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It did take a lot of effort, though. It had something to do with a faulty 'remove-useless-stuff' command in the guide at

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I just migrated this Mastodon server to Oracle Cloud. This should reduce downtime and networking issues by a lot!

I can finally rest for a bit. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me recently!

When you don't feel like learning for an exam.

This is already day #19 at home. It's getting quite tough.

Is it just me, or is this the fifth day in a row where I haven’t seen a single cloud in the sky?

Well, well, well... Who would have imagined two weeks ago that we would have all this stress from ?

I'll be happy when this quartile is over. But, we are not that far as of yet.

Today was not as productive as I would've liked it to be.

I have to do a lot of homework once again. Since when did holi-days become work-days? 😕

I finally got Mastodon back up and running. Seems like the new router used the wrong IPv6 address when setting up port forwarding.

You never feel like the next exam will go well. (Until it has been graded, that is...)

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