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Almost halfway through the first quartile now.

Everything still feels a bit strange, however.

Whether I like it or not remains to be seen, however... 😐

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This summer vacation is almost over. Time for a new year…

I'm also a bit bored. Don't really feel like doing anything for some reason or the other...

Just one more week of holidays left. I'm quite curious how university is going to deal with from now on (and a bit scared too...)

It did take a lot of effort, though. It had something to do with a faulty 'remove-useless-stuff' command in the guide at

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I just migrated this Mastodon server to Oracle Cloud. This should reduce downtime and networking issues by a lot!

I can finally rest for a bit. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me recently!

When you don't feel like learning for an exam.

This is already day #19 at home. It's getting quite tough.

Is it just me, or is this the fifth day in a row where I haven’t seen a single cloud in the sky?

Well, well, well... Who would have imagined two weeks ago that we would have all this stress from ?

I'll be happy when this quartile is over. But, we are not that far as of yet.

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